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    I just discovered something, practicing with a quiet mute I accidentally
    left in my earphones. Soft pod type. The sound is really good, I can hear a more accurate and loud tone ‘in my head’, and sense what is going on in the sound production and tension dept as well.

    Normally I hate the mute because of the back pressure and lack of juice in the sound, makes practice tedious. This is fab. I can hear Greg’s concert hall better.

    It is easier to relax with the better tone, easier to sit back on the note, the mute induces natural strain for me.

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    It works very well for me too.
    I would like to have Greg Spencer’s point of view .
    (sorry for my bad english I’m french)

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    Your English is a lot more elegant than my French :-). I had a reply from Greg about the ear pods discovery, he was enthusiastic.

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