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      Daniel OLeary

      I started watching the free videos and they were helpful . Then I took advantage of the 7 day free trial and the harmonic slurs fit right in to my routine as a comeback player. Long tones, harmonic slurs and tonguing.
      3 months latter and making good progress I decided to fork over the 19 bucks for the Moderato series. Toward the end of that month I was struggling with the last harmonic slurs when lighting struck.
      It’s like plugging a acoustic guitar into an amplifier. If you’re not doing it already you KNOW it when it hits.
      I was fortunate enough to stick with MTM till I caught on, however I no more than caught on than I realized I had to make a major change in my ambuesure set up in order to master the concert hall phenomena. I’m now into the first week woodshedding into the premium package and thanking my lucky 🌟 s I stumbled into Greg’s stump grinder. My experience is that it’s been as much a process of elimination as acquisition.

      In the end it isn’t about the ability to play a wild screaming trumpet up in the stratosphere.
      It’s about being able to utilize the full potential of the instrument which is amazingly easy and full when not forced .
      I have a long way to go to reach my goal , A above the staff as easily as I can play C on the staff now .I’m getting there one day at a time thanks in large part to MTM. I’m due for a $ donation on that score what with the premium 💯 offer.🤗💓

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      Greg Spence

      Hey Daniel, man you have hit the nail on the head and I am pleased it is working for you! Congrats on seeing it through and stick with the PROCESS, you’ll get there.


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      Daniel OLeary


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