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      I’ve been working on the Moderato stage for, I guess, five or six weeks now, and at the rate I’m progressing I’m feeling like I’m going to be working on this same stage for the next five or six years if the expectation truly is, as the videos seem to imply, that I really do need to play all the scale variations in the Moderato stage in a single breath (which implies a metronome setting of around 196).
      I’d like to understand whether achieving this level of scale performance on these exercies is to be thought of a (a) a lifelong ‘stretch target’ or (b) a standard I should be able to play at before moving on to the next stage of the course.

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      Greg Spence

      Hey there Peter, it is there as something to work towards over time my friend; my approach is “If I can do it, anyone can.”

      If you feel you have the concepts covered and you are playing freely like humming/singing, then by all means move on to the Premium Level.

      Stick with it mate.


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