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      Hi Greg and all brass players,
      I have the feeling that when I sing the notes, that I read on a score, in my head, the embouchure automatically adapts to make the right sound. It’s weird because the lips seems to work like vocal chords!?
      What do you know about that?
      Best regards.

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      Greg Spence

      Magnificent!!! 🙂

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      Hello everybody.
      I understand “singing in my head” an other way and have a question about it.
      When we sing a low note, most of the resonance is in the chest and when we sing a hi note most of the resonance is in our head. Are we agree?
      Do you think we have to play low and hi notes with chest resonance or is there a modification as we sing between chest and head?
      Singing and playing at the same time (Especially playing flexibilities) is a good way to observe that.

      Thanks and congratulations for all you do Greg.

      Adrien from Paris

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      Greg Spence

      Hi Adrien, I still think Body’s Concert Hall throughout the entire range on the instrument. There is a link somewhere here on falsetto, check that out too. Cheers

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