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      Mr. Spence,
      I am about half way through your course and enjoying it very much, it is bringing new light and at times instant results in my playing.
      My question is, how would you approach the concepts of your program while playing the smaller horns like Eb or picc? With the tendency for trumpet players to “over-blow” their big horns (Bb), I would assume this would be accentuated even more on the smaller horns? Any general recommendations for approaching these smaller horns and still getting a big resonant sound?

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      Greg Spence

      Hi Vernon, you are spot on. I talk about Mouth Comoression in the Ultimate Level as a means to back off inthe upper register especially on smaller horns.

      This is where a clear understanding of “energising the air in the pipe” rather than blowing air to create sound becomes essential.

      Thanks for using WindWorks!

      All the best,

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      Thanks for the feedback, enjoying the course very much.

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