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      Greg Spence

      Hi Folks, there will be some disruptions to WindWorks Sunday Sessions LIVE over the next few weeks.


      Firstly, may I say a HUGE thank you to all who have attended the Sunday Sessions, I know we have all benefitted from hearing each other’s experiences.

      There will only be the US version this week as I am off to see my girlfriend’s 8yo son play Australian Rules football at the 1/2 time interval of the Carlton/Brisbane Lions game @ the Gabba.

      Any Brits into cricket will know the Gabba from the Brisbane Tests.  This is a big deal for the kids to get out on a huge ground in front of a packed house, possibly 30,000+ people.

      3.jpg2.jpg 1.jpg



      So all of my European and British friends, you may have to stay up late (10 or 11pm) to watch the US version!

      THEN: For the next two weeks, I am taking my first break in 3 years to travel to the very top of Australia with my Father and Brother-in-law.

      We are going to the absolute tip of Australia in the north of Queensland and we are going via here…

      3.jpg     1.jpg  2.jpg  cairns-cape-york-map-wayne.jpg



      So I will be out of reach for about 10 days.  I will be checking in whenever I have access to cellular or wifi.

      Any issues, please contact and I’ll have Matt, our IT guru keep an eye out.

      Here is the Link for the next Session which is 7am AEST Monday morning, mid afternoon in the USA and later in the UK.

      Best Wishes and happy tooting!

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