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      When I start on the G below the staff my tongue is just behind the very bottom of my front lower teeth. As I go up the staff my tongue begins to rise. At 2nd staff line G it has moved to behind the lower front teeth. At the G just on top of the staff the tongue is just on top of the lower teeth. At about high C it rests on the top of the lower teeth and just touches the back of the lower lip. As I go higher thru the high D-E-F-G the tongue slightly starts pushing gently on the inside of the lower lip forming the “Milk Spout” My question is… “is this normal, does this happen to other players as they ascend the scale?”

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      Greg Spence

      Hey Tom, that is totally fine that the tip of the tongue begins to articulate from higher up.

      Ideally, you wouldn’t get any contact between the tip and the top lip as the articulation might be a bit thurtheeeeee (pronounced thur-theeeee haha).

      As long as the back of the tongue stays low and open, and the Concert Hall is free, you’ll be in good order.


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      I’d never really considered my tongue position mid-note until watching the US Sunday session video of Mike the horn player. I’ve subsequently noticed that the back of my tongue stays pushed against the sides of my molars, pretty much all the time (maybe not when playing below the stave) and particularly when I’m playing higher. I’d assumed that everyone did this. Is that not the case?

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      Greg Spence

      Hey Phil, close your eyes and take a BCH breath and feel the tongue move away from the molars. Then slowly say yaaaayyyaaaaayyyaaaaaa (EYES CLOSED) and see what it feels likes.


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