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      With more careful observation, I am noticing a possible POD with the visualizer, and I need some help. Without the visualizer and with the tissue, the tissue moves as it does in the videos with the slingshot. As soon as I place the visualizer on the lips, the tissue moves only slightly. I can feel the air scatter in all directions especially downwards and to the sides. As I am threading the visualizer over the airstream up to millimeters before the lips, and the tissue moves well. With lip contact, the change begins. In the mirror the lip aperture is fairly 50-50% top-bottom when I look when the tissue does not move well. If I move the visualizer down so that it is ~2/3 lower lip, then the tissue moves well like in the videos.

      I’ve been thinking that if there is this much change with the tissue, then I should adjust the mouthpiece on the lips. I cannot tell much change with the sound when playing in this new location. The more I play, the more the mouthpiece creeps back up to the top lip and sometimes I find it migrating to 2/3 top lip while on the horn.

      I know there are many ideas about mouthpiece placement in many method books, but I think each person’s anatomy should dictate placement more than a one size fits all approach. I am uncertain if this is too much magnifying glass or if this could be a real POD that needs to be changed, and I would appreciate any other ideas. Thanks!

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      Greg Spence

      Eric, you have discovered the gold, now follow through with it. As you said, the sound wasn’t affected and I bet it felt way freer. Will you be able to play your same range right away? Probably not but maybe.

      You have said everything that I would have said to you already about anatomy and placement. The fact that the mp keeps wanting to move back is because you have been doing it a long time and probably happens as you ascend am I right?

      Start from Largo with the new placement and take it really slowly.

      This will not affect what you can already do and if you are gigging, happily use whatever setup you need to to get through the gig, just do plenty of repetitions with the 2/3 lower position in the practise room.

      Well done,

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      It has been a month since this post. I have been marinating in the largo stage since that time. I have watched the fundamental videos again and again. The progress has been slow, but it has been significant, better sound, more relaxation. The mouthpiece has been moved down as noted above, and this change has helped. Yes, the mouthpiece wants to move up and over to the old position as I ascend.

      In the shape-leadpipe video, another video called “synthetic or sympathetic” is referenced. Where do I find this video?

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      Cool thing just happened. I was grilling outside and practicing my breathing. The air temperature where I live is cold enough to see the breath. I grabbed the visualizer, mouthpiece, and lead pipe, and I took them outside. It was good to actually see the breath besides the tissue’s indirect motion. I can see that I really did need to move the mouthpiece down. Also, with nice sounding higher tones in the lead pipe, I could see less air coming out of the pipe. With Valdalva and straining, there was even less air. Try it if it’s cold enough outside, or maybe it can work inside with a freezer door open.

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