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      Daniel OLeary

      I realize this is a relative question.
      As a come back player seeking advice for comeback players ,as I recall it was “The Trumpet Guy ” that noted ;
      ” just think how much better off you would be now if for all those years you left the horn to gather dust you would have practiced Just 10 or 15 minutes a day.”
      There is truth to that no doubt but I think most cup brass players would agree that you need to have the horn on the face at least 1 hour a day to maintain a decent embouchure.
      I practice 3 to 4 hours a day ,half in the mourning on drills and the other half in the evening practicing my 2nd trumpet portfolio ,others might practice 5 or 2 or 1 or 1/2 hour a day or whatever, again a relative question.

      When it’s time for a weekly rehearsal or a gig and you want to perform at your best, how should one approach mourning warm ups and drills ?
      Just enough to get warmed up to your level then cut it short at that ?
      1/2 your normal practice ?
      No mourning practice at all and just a quick 5 or 10 minute warm up 1/2 hour or hour before a gig ?
      Just your regular mourning practice on the light side ?
      Just a quick warm up once you take your seat ?
      I suppose different Volks for different Folks but I suspect we have musicians checking in on the forum from time to time that are actively doing gigs on a regular basis and I would like to take advantage of Thier experience and perhaps build a better consensus on the topic.
      Another Question along the same line,
      What benefit might be gained to refrain Playing at all for a day or more , perhaps even a week to rest up and give the cells a chance to clear out, rest and catch up to the Demands ?

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      keep it light on the day, short warm up and some technical exercises. If your a practice-aholic, then do some ear training and wind works secret exercises.

      I have a very heavy playing schedule, and have to juggle lip fatigue levels with practicing.
      the thing to do for an important performance is to take the day before off, that way fatigue is relived and you have a crisp fresh lip for the gig.

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