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      Hi,I have just started WindWorks as a Fundamental Member. I am a beginner player, been playing about a year now.

      My question:
      Greg mentions in the text, various videos that we can see if we are members. However, I have no idea how to find them. I even looked on youtube. Here is the direct text from the Windworks page LESSON DAY 2:

      “You may choose to subscribe to the Foundation Level to see the “aRRRticulation” video. A more in-depth and insightful video discussing the Release, Response and Reflection of energy.”

      It is the same for another video on Body Concert Hall. Thanks fro your help locating these!

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      PATIENCE. Ugh, it’s such a tough concept.
      As soon as I posted this question, Greg answered that the aRRRticulation video will come later in the course LOL

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