• hucky2311 posted an update 1 year, 10 months ago

    @gregspence I don’t know where this post will end up. Has the support group forum come down because it no longer appears on my dashboard.
    I will miss the Zoom again, not because I don’t want to attend, I am still in hospital.

  • @gregspence I’m extremely happy to have found you and WindWorks. I’ve been working through the very early part of the course through the Largo Singing C Series for only a few days and I’ve already noticed significant carryover to my regular practice. High C has never been easier. I’ve got a long way to go, but that in itself is exciting because I…[Read more]

    • Hey there Rob, thanks for your message, it’s times like this that make all of the hours very, very satisfying. As you can tell, it is an ongoing adventure but there are certainly some very powerful concepts that people will benefit from if they take the time to really get stuck in and understand what I am talking about 🙂

      All the very best,

  • bheiner posted an update 2 years, 10 months ago


    Hello, Mr. Spence. It’s bheiner. my actual name is Brit. I’ve been using your course since I believe since last November and it’s been a great experience. I just wanted to thank you for your tremendous effort with this course as I’ve definitely developed as a tuba player ever since the start of my journey with Windworks. I’ve de…[Read more]

    • You have beautifully described what we after Brit!

      The “letting go” of the abdomen wall (belly breathing) is a lowering of the diaphragm. Then the expansion you describe takes place. I must stress that people will experience this sensation in different ways but the essence of what you say and your experience sounds perfect.

      Check this video…[Read more]

  • @gregspence
    Dear Greg,
    my name is Emanuel from Germany( currently living in Egypt). First of all let me say a huge “thank you very, very much” for sharing your tremendous knowledge with us!!You appear to be a very nice, pleasent and likeable person and i am grateful for this content.
    Your program is my last chance with my trumpet playing, i am…[Read more]

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