• laurie.hafey posted an update 1 year, 3 months ago

    Hi again. It has been awhile since I posted. Was actually busy with Christmas gigs and even made some money. More importantly it was an adventure into ‘having to play this note right now, ready or not’ vs ‘I can play this note at my leisure.’ Big Difference. My band mates were patient and understanding. For that I am grateful.
    So, when you are experimenting after playing a certain way after many many years, it is not even remotely clear whether you are going down a rabbit hole or making true progress. It happened during the Christmas gigs. I suddenly became a choker. Gasping for air, almost like a panic attack. I made it thru the gigs and once again started at M2M beginning and analyzed what was happening. I truly don’t know if I had gone down a rabbit hole OR simply discovered this is how I had been playing most of my life and didn’t realize it and it freaked me out.
    So, started back at middle c and noticed by first line e I was already trying to manipulate my throat As If It Were My Aperture Corners. AHA!
    So very carefully I have been working on my concert hall and have had good success. I’m good up to 4th space c but by top of the staff g, have started down that rabbit hole in a big way. And it is So Obvious! I have this big bold sound – and then the next note up it sounds like I have a straight mute in the horn. Throat – rrgh! BUT, I am progressing and I Know this is a good path. I am not engaging my gut to play, I am finding that place on my palate that feeds air for higher notes easily thru my aperture corners which move and am learning to support and not panic mentally.
    Not giving up. Zah!

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