• Bo, one more tip.. sorry i forgot this one and it came back to me…

    usually picc parts are written in the staff.. so play through the music on Bb as written. the fingerings are the same but on picc will sound an octave higher.. then switch to picc maybe play 2 measuers at a time then 4 etc to get used to it.. maybe you already do this maybe…[Read more]

  • No worries Bo. We all struggle at some point. that’s why we are here! Enjoy playing picc! it’s a lot of fun!


  • Hello Bo, funny thing about piccolo trumpets is that it’s actually easier to play high notes on a longer tube… so why make piccs? sound timbre is my guess. it’s a very different instrument than a Bb trumpet. So yes your initial idea that you are pushing too much air is generally correct. That said, playing picc takes less air but maybe a little…[Read more]

  • mjn posted an update 4 years, 10 months ago

    anyone have suggestions for embouchure over use? I’d love to pick the collective mind.

  • mjn replied to the topic Mouthpiece physics in the forum WindWorks 5 years, 5 months ago

    Hi Jutta, I am sure Greg will have a better answer, but the throat design on a trumpet mouthpiece helps create the overtones that you hear from the instrument.. a tighter throat will create roughly a brighter sound (more high overtones)(think a roger ingram lead piece with a #29 drill) and a larger throat will typically create a more broad and…[Read more]

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