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Hi Eggsaseggs,

I would be very careful with moving the jaw forward, it is pretty bad for you chewing joints. Also if you ‘fixate’ the jaw while playing (as do many players do) it will introduce tension in your breathing and playing also (look at classical singers they relax their jaws completely and I was told by a Opera Singing teacher that straining the jaw does kill your ‘resonance’ in singing, thus also in trumpet playing. Trumpet players with an underbite have an advantage though. Anyhow, if you want to bring your jaw forward do it as minimal as possible. I ‘solved’ this allignment issue by touching the bottom lip with my tongue while (trying to) keep the jaw as relaxed and backward as possible. You can also firm up the bottom lip by applying the ‘monkeyface’ embouchure i guess.

Best, Wouter

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