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G’Day Greg,
First I wanted to thank you for your gracious reply to my posting. I saw that late Sunday evening locally, and and it made me feel better about the whole experience.
I had been slightly miffed that the others in the forum probably thought I was nuts for demonstrating an off-the-wall away-from-the-horn exploratory exercise without (because we ran out off time) showing how I integrated what I learned from it into my playing.
Also I wasn’t quite sure you understood what I was trying to do.
Well, I just watched the partial recording of the session you put up today.
First, I was pleased to be a supporting player in what I think was your best (and maybe only) explanation of aperture control methods.
Second, re-watching it in a more relaxed state showed me that you understood at least 75-80% of what I was trying to accomplish. You tied it into my demo at several points and gave me credit (and some criticism) for the effort. I greatly appreciated that and it heightened my respect for you as a teacher.

Unfortunately, this will probably be my last post on the forum. I was still mulling over signing up for Ultimate at that time, but hadn’t. I just confirmed that toward the end of the session you said “…if you don’t sign up in the next three days, you’ll get a red flag.” That was Sunday afternoon here in the US and I took that to mean that as an existing member I had until Wednesday to get the $399 rate for Ultimate. Monday was a holiday in the US and I was out all day with family and didn’t check the email account I use for Windworks between Sunday evening and when I got up late this Tuesday) morning, so I managed to miss your 24 hour warning.

Re-watching how you dealt with me and the subject in the forum made me decide to sign up, but the window had closed.

So, I wanted to thank you for all Windworks has taught me. Luckily, I have been able to download your books and will be able to use them as I continue to pursue the trumpet on my own.

Greg Coughlan

PS I’ll be here another week or so until my low level sub runs out, so I can still answer question as stated in my previous post.

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