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Hello Ken and Mike, My name is Reijer, 63 years og age and I have been on Windworks when it still was MTM. I’m a amateur player who started when I left the Dutch Navy at the age of 54. Eversince I have been searching for a way to nail the horn. Unlike you Mike I did things on my own (in a different way) with only 1 goal and that was to play along with all my Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass songs. So not learning the music theory but writing the fingering down on a piece of paper and try to play along. It was then when I started to join an orchestra in my neighberhood that I started to learn the scales and all the other theory. I ran into limitations on the horn. The teacher I had talked about projecting the sound towards an faw away point to make the horn speak more. But never did anyone tell me how to use the energy inside the body and not tighten the lips. So I can not play above the staff and hope to find answers here that help me become the player I want to be. So thank you for contribution to the forum and you see Ken I’m a bit of a person that talks a lot to. Hope to see you guy’s on the live forum sometime. Greetings from The Netherlands.

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