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Kudos to you for adding trumpet to your repertoire! As a lifelong trumpeter who has tried and bailed to learn guitar, I commend your efforts. You are wise to stick with Greg’s course and not be seduced by the hundreds of you tube options out there. His advice is sound. I have viewed and tried them all. Let me relate a story that may help. In high school, I was the “jazz player” in our jazz band. We had a very good trumpet section; several of the best players in California at the time. To keep up, I practiced s lot. Typically in 2-hour sessions. Etudes, classical solo pieces, finishing with jazz improve until my lips couldn’t make a sound. I loved playing. Problem is, I would redouble my efforts just before a concert. Yeah, you guessed it: I bet your sound as a beginner is better than mine was back then on the gig. My chops were wasted from the extra practice. To fix it on the gig, I would blow harder, pinch, the whole bit. And that would just sound worse. The point is, I never did any process work, learning how to do less. It was always more more more. Remember, when you are doing process work, allow it to not work: it’s ok if it sounds bad. Greg once told me, if you are surprised by something awesome coming out of your horn, that might be a good time to stop and let it sink in, instead of pounding it into the ground. Anyway, keep with the process. Everyone has up and down days playing this crazy instrument. Less is more! Shorter sessions are good. Greg has really put together a great program.

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