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Ah! I’m so pleased you won’t kick me out Greg! M2M is the best thing that has happened to me since starting to play trumpet.

I guess to clarify my thoughts a little, I wonder whether there could be a quick summary video per stage – like a warm-up routine. Atm if I want to recap the basics and re-program, I kind of go back over each video in the largo stage and try to remember what you said and follow along.
I do also feel like such a clear level video of the key concepts for each stage, maybe as a warm-up, would help differentiate the levels too.
For me atm I find I’m going through the basics, making some gains and then hitting a bit of a wall where I fall back into an old pattern or where the old body memory takes over. At those times (about every 2-3 weeks) I realise I need to go back and look at the key ideas and remind myself of them and drill them again. (One of the members here advised that I watch mouthpiece revisited again, and that has certainly been helpful)… I just feel like some of those key steps could be more distilled.
But maybe they can’t and I just need to keep listening to you sing “Oh when the saints go marching in” again… 😉
Anyway. I hope I am making progress. Some days it feels like I am, some days not, especially when I can’t take higher notes as a mark of my achievement… 🙂

Haha, as I said, I need the feedback and there is no “kicking you out”.

We are working on a course outline to be added and I will take on board everything you have said.

I want this to be the best learning resource available and I can only do that with your help.

Going back is essential. As you develop, more and more stealthy gremlins will appear and then you can eliminate them. Your awareness will be improving and your efficiency will be improving. This opens the door to further expansion in the future.

Stick with it and thanks again for your honest appraisal and for being a valued WindWorks member.


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