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Hi Greg,

while I really like your approach and think that I could profit from your method, the website and the structure of the content feel quite intransparent to me.

As someone who starts at the beginning of the course and who is not familiar with your naming (e.g. Body Concert Hall, a-ooh), you keep refering in your videos all the time to concepts and exercises that have not been properly introduced and explained yet. This leaves me confused on if I should include these hints in my exercises even if no one has explained to me how to do them properly, what things to avoid etc. It sometimes feels as if a lot of your videos address only viewers who have been familiar with your teaching for years and who already know all your names for the concepts. Also I feel that at least the beginner videos could profit from focusing more on single topics.

Is there a summary somewhere which topics are addressed in the different stages of your course?


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