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I had some personal problems and had to stop practicing for about a month, but I’m back and I have a practice session of at least 30 min every day.

What I really want to say in response to what you wrote is that I think the beginning of the course is a little mixed up. What I mean is, it looks like Greg wanted to make this 7-day free trial demo course where the person rushes through a bunch of videos and gets promised things like “in a few videos all will make sense, the body concert hall, the aRRRticulation, etc.”, but these videos are beyond the free trial videos. I’m still going through the Largo Status Stage and Greg is still talking about the 7-day free trial and promising the body concert hall.. as a subscriber I feel like I’m still doing a demonstration and that the course really begins on Adagio Fundamentals where all the videos Greg cites so much are. But unfortunately, I can’t check those videos yet and I’m afraid to jump to much ahead and end up missing something. I think Greg should re-think the beginning of the course, he should be more clear about how the progress works (it’s a little bit hidden) and separate the 7-day free trial experience of the subscriber experience.

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