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This is a question that might be asked by a lot of people.

When tension/ manipulation etc creep back in as we go up stage by stage;
what are the effective tricks or methods to get rid of them?

I haven’t got the answers!


Hey Jon, this is the biggie that everyone eventually deals with.

The purpose of the EYES CLOSED approach is to find exactly where the manipulation begins whether it be a particular range or volume and the use the “1% RULE” and the sensation of humming/singing to eliminate the issue.

The Singing C series is a way of PASSIVELY finding the pitch without using more body activation than necessary, with complete disregard, initially, of tone quality. Then we add volume and the harmonic slurs and keep that magnifying glass handy to see what impact greater volume has on the system.

Critical awareness of a problem is a big part of finding the solution, so deep awareness and pure PROCESS are paramount.

Best Wishes,

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