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      Who’s seen this:

      So cool! I like the simple way he shows that a normal note through the horn results in just air going through the mouthpiece. So efficient.

      Great to see reinforcement of Greg’s ideas from totally different and well-informed sources.

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      Yeah. This is great.
      I got taught to play the mouthpiece, and my sound was devastatingly bad. In the end I gave up playing altogether.
      I practiced really hard on the mouthpiece. Thank goodness I’ve stopped. And I’m so relieved that I don’t have to play the mouthpiece anymore, and am sounding (and feeling) better. Much better.

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      Never realized Elton played Trombone…😏

      No, it is good to see that. Vizzuti had a video and demonstrated the same, and Lynn Nicholson showed in a video of his that we blow air into the mouthpiece, we dont buzz actively.

      But I think buzzing early might encourage too tight of an aperture,which is probably what eckleberg experienced.

      Buzzing the MP is probably helpful for advanced players working on the upper register.

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