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      I thought violin was hard to learn. Hi everybody just joined got my horn a few days ago. Thinking I will have my first 5 notes down in a couple of days but how wrong was I. Looking at loads of you tube videos for a few weeks. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. I kept thinking to myself how can people play these licks with all this tension I was feeling. I kept thinking about this and then found Greg’s channel and it all clicked.
      It is so soul destroying when you can’t o what you want to do. I have been practicing this evening trying to get a relaxed tone. I have been doing the lip shape as if you are blowing a hot drink and a few times I have got a fairly relaxed tone.
      Anyway nice to meet you all.

      FROM GREG:
      Great to hear from you and welcome to WindWorks! Enjoy the PROCESS my friend, it is ultimately very rewarding once you start getting that beautiful trumpet sound out.
      Best Wishes,

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      Adrian Hicks

      Its the most challenging yet, rewarding instrument to learn IMHO. Welcome to the forum, look forward to reading your posts.

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      I have to cancel temporarily. Monies tight. I’ll be back.

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