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      Hey all,
      I had a lesson with Greg yesterday and just wanted to encourage anyone starting to the course to do the same – he really helped identify some issues i was having with the most fundamental processes, to minimise my chance of doing the wrong thing for months on end without realising it. Breathing in, releasing air, humming with more resonance etc.He was also just a super generous and enthusiastic teacher! I feel much more equipped to progress through the course now, and plan on checking in from time to time with him.

      Good Luck!

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      I agree with everything you’ve said. The website is pedagogically brilliant but having access to great teaching is irreplaceable. The 2 lessons I’ve had gave me an overwhelming amount of very specific feedback that I too hope will shave some months off the journey. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say I wouldn’t have a chance at being on the right path without the lessons.

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