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      Putting this out there.

      I am finding Meditation combined with the MMM-Ahh-Ohh to be very beneficial to cement the process of “letting Go”

      Meditation, if done correctly , is to calm one’s mind , turn off the inner dialog (monkey brain) using a focal point such as the breath in this case.

      Stay with me, so I have found that starting the meditation with 5 rounds of MMM-AHHH-OHHH , allow the breath to equalise and the body to take over relaxed breathing is helping me to cement the letting go process.

      If I find my brain wandering , not concentrating on the body’s natural process of breathing , then I MMM-AHH-OOH —- equalise and continue the meditation.

      Food for thought – experimentation.


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      Very cool, thanks Pete. Glad you’re having success with that.

      That makes sense. I’ve never tried meditation for playing trumpet but that makes a ton of sense.

      Our minds are our biggest asset AND our biggest obstacle, often times within the same practice session.

      Learning to recognize when our minds and/or our actions are helping us and when they are an obstacle is very helpful.

      I’m not perfect, by any means, but I’ve learned a lot and have come a long way in both my playing and understanding how my mind / mindset impacts my playing and learning how / when to control it.

      I hardly ever have what I used to think of as a “setback” any more. When I do have an off day playing, I usually know how to get myself out of it. But sometimes it’s physical too–the other day, I hadn’t slept much and was dehydrated; my playing wasn’t good, so I kept it short and put the horn away for the day. The next day, I felt / sounded great.

      In my opinion, WindWorks provides a ton of insight/clues into how to recognize when we’re on the right track and when we’re getting in our own way.

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      Very interesting! I will try to incorporate this in my next practice session.

      When I was a music student I used to think of my warm up session in the morning as a meditation but then life came and I forgot the benefits those meditative sessions playing with eyes closed and just existing in the present gave me.

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