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      Hi, I would be interested in knowing how many of you include pedal tones as part of your practice session. This is short and sweet, but I just thought I would throw this out there.

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      Every day after blowing the leadpipe and making slurring on the instrument between Eb up to C. I go downstairs from C to pedal C and than as low as i can, usually down to G# below the pedal C, and sometimes down to F. This routine loosen up all tensions. I do it frequently also after playing in the high register for a long time. I try to not change the lip/mpc position as well.
      This works for me 🙂 but maybe not for all….

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      Thanks, I have been doing pedals at the start of my practice. I wanted to get someone else’s take on this routine.

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      I don’t do them a lot, but I do find them helpful when I do play them. I usually try to “fall” and hit whatever tones down there that come naturally. I try avoiding manipulating things to achieve certain pitches. I do it more to be relaxed. I try to keep one consistent embouchure and when I do all this, when I ascend back up I find that it helps me quite a bit.

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      Hi Scott, yes I practice it a lot too. I´d like to ask if anyone uses real low notes on the flugel to practice ease and comfort? I like it a lot because they are on the instrument and can really lock so i can feel the resonance. Best Holger

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      Hi Holger,

      I have been doing two pedal tone exercises; the Claude Gordon exercises and Laurie Frink’s Flexus. I try not to manipulate the notes. Think about what Arturo Sandoval talked about when he said he doesn’t think pedal tones. He just thinks low notes.



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      Yes I too use these low notes on my Yamaha Flugal but have a gap from low F down to low C sharp after that I can continue down to the double pedals ok. I continue to try to find these missing pitches. Opening the spit valve while searching for the notes helps but they just dont seem to be there for me yet.

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