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      Hi Greg,

      Just a question or observation that I have. As you know I have been studying the Jerome Callet school also for the last 3 or 4 years and they like to focus on the spitbuzz. You probably know the concept but for everyone else: it is like spitting as little as possible air from the front of the mouth.

      Back to you teachings: if I do the Aahhooh exercise and then form an embouchure I can not get the tissue up much. It happens just only when I add the “doodoodoo” articulation. Then I jump’kick’ the tissue! This feels to me like the spittbuzz, but then in the lower register and not soo extreme.

      Can you confirm that in order to get the notes out you have to ‘kick/whip/whatever we call it’ the airstream a little bit in the front of the mouth with the tongue (while keeping the throat and everything below relaxed)?

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this,


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      Greg Spence

      Hey there Wouter, thanks for the question.

      It is quite complex to explain in a few words and without seeing what you are actually doing.

      I don’t usually use the terms “kick” or “whip” when it comes to releasing the energy with the tongue. I simply want the tongue (whatever way you are articulating) to move independently of everything else in the system.

      Now I MUST CLARIFY for those thinking I am incorrect in saying this. This is a DRILL and not to be confused with a stylistic articulation. Quite often, body and tongue work together in sync to give a particular sound effect. What we are working on here is eliminating the sub-conscious connection between tongue and body.

      As far as air direction goes, that is purely based on the SHAPE of the “aaahooooh” lips.


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