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      I’m a 67 year old comeback player that’s been idle for 30+ years. I’m really loving the course and challenging myself to do things that I’ve never done before. I’m so glad I stumbled on the MTM site! Now, about silencer mutes….
      I’ve read a couple of threads about practicing with mutes on this forum. Greg said it can be possibly “destructive”. My problem is that I have to use a silencer mute when I practice or risk divorce….(ok, not divorce, but a reeeeeeally unhappy spouse!), especially when I do chromatic slurs with the metronome OVER and OVER trying to tick that one extra box!
      That being said, what tips can I use to maximize benefit from the course material and method without screwing up my playing?
      I have sensed the lack of pressure at the center of the lips along with passive exhalation (a first for me on both accounts!), and I am improving on my slurs (which I could NEVER do even when I was in my prime).
      What are the pitfalls that I must look out for???
      Any help is always greatly appreciated!

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      I need to use mute everyday if I don’t want to be kick out of my house. I use it so much that there are cracks on it (!) and it doesn’t stay mounted on the trumpet all day as before, I have to put back again and again. So far I don’t feel it really destructive, but its sure not the best way to practice. I have choosen a mute with not too much resistance (wasn’t the cheaper either).
      I’m interested in advices too.

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      Greg Spence

      Hey guys, it is better to play than not play of course 🙂 It’s just not ideal. The shmutes are good, the yami silent brass are also good. I highly recommend trying to find a place to play open as much as possible. Happy days.

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      To you own a car? I’ve known many a player to use that as their mini-practice studio; sitting in the back seat with a front seat slid forward enough to be out of the way.

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