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      Has anyone tried one? i’m curious, because they say the ideal embouchure for it is more of pucker. I wonder if this works with the WindWorks idea…

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      I am experimenting with a Wedge 63S. Taking a little getting used to. Still in the trial, showing some promise. I will let you know, when I have more time on it.

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      Thanks @jbell756… I gotta admit, mouthpieces are doing my head in. Seems like we play the mouthpiece, not the trumpet, in so many ways. Every manufacturer i read says to work out the rim you are currently using and then translate it into their rim… But what if you’re not sure about the one (ones) you have? It’s funny that so many mouthpiece manufacturers talk about ‘advanced science’ and ‘new technologies’… well if that’s true it seems like there should be a scientific method for figuring out best fit for the sound you have in mind…

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      I’ve been using a Wedge for about a year. Excellent sound and very comfortable. One of the advertised attributes of the Wedge is that it allows the mouth corners to work more freely. I have found this to be the case, and I see no conflict with M2M.

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      Purchased a Wedge 14Sa4a since it was very close to the schilke mouthpiece I was using.
      Tried it as prescribed, looked at it, scratched my head over it, turned it so the high points are at 3 and 9 o’clock, and WALA!
      Can’t get it to play well or improve my playing at 12 and 6, (to me it’s actually counter intuitive, meaning the high point at 12 o’clock puts pressure in a spot that I don’t want pressure)
      For me…..playing this mouthpiece positioned at 3 and 9 o’clock opened up a whole new world and dramatically increased my endurance, (along with some other things being learned along the way)
      With the high spots on the wedge at 3 and 9 o’clock it’s much easier to identify and work with the aperture corners as Greg prescribes.
      This is nothing against the designer of the mouthpiece, or the mouthpiece….I experimented, and found this works for me.
      Several times over the years since I started with this mouth piece, I went back to the original schilke, and 5 minutes later I have the wedge back in the trumpet.
      I think it’s a great mouthpiece….in my opinion….sounds great….projects well…..responds well…slots well…..and that’s all on the black delrin mouthpiece!

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