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      Maybe someone will smila at this post….as it might a bit odd.
      From time to time I get a high sound in my ear. Probably a tinnitus-light sound. It starts suddenly and stay for about half a minute. It’s usually the “same tone”, so I checked by whistling the tone I hear close to my chromatic auto-tuner. It is a middle “A”. What disturbs me is that the frequency on the tuner shows 443 Hz. I have noticed when I play by my self in a room, that I end up on something between 441-443Hz when I check by the tuner. When playing in the band or in the philarmonic orchestra, I have no problem to play in tune a the others (440 HZ), but I feel more relaxed when playing above 441 Hz.
      Has anyone the same experience??
      I normally can identify tones fairly well by ear,but why is my tinnitus on middle “A”??
      Have a nice weekend

      Hey there Bo, what an interesting observation. I wouldn’t worry about it either way, it just seems to be “what is.”

      It takes a pretty damn good ear to discern between a couple of points when playing in an ensemble.

      Recently I got a call from an MD saying that the orchestra was tuning at 441HZ and wanted to check that would be okay for the horn section… I actually thought he was kidding. True story.


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      I don’t know why you are hearing that tone but you are fortunate, I hear a constant high E. I’ve had to learn to ignore it.

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