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      Hello talented trumpeters, I am new to the trumpet and trying to fix my sound. Frequently I get this blowy airy breathy sound on single notes which gets more prevalent when I do ascending slurs or other ascending exercises. I go through the cycle of TEEs, do a BCH breath, try for the correct shape of lips and tongue, and sometimes the sound is resonant and good, but for weeks it has also been consistently blowy and airy when it’s not resonant. I must be doing something consistently wrong to have the same problem with sound. Most of you have much more skill than I; would anyone offer some suggestions on how to fix? Many thanks in advance.

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      Greg Spence

      Hey there M.W.

      As long as you stick with the PROCESS, you will accidentally stumble across a great sound and eventually it will begin to become familiar.

      Stick with it, watch the vids over and over, keep the body chilled and you will find it.

      It’s not easy to find at the beginning but will become repeatable and awesome in time!!!


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      Hello Way.Mel

      maybe your embouchure is to open. Means between nonote and lownote

      As Greg recommend stay in the process and the embouchure ones found becomes familiar.

      Sometimes out sound is airy. That means the embouchure is a little bit to open.
      You can try to make a little bit more o.


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      Thank you Hajo and Greg. Working hard on the process, but appreciate the shape tips as well ! Happy playing. MW

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