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      Hi all
      I’m still plugging away with the course (currently mid way through Moderato). Recently, I’ve been practising/playing most days for an hour or so in the lead up to two separate gigs with my big band and small jazz combo. Following the performances the problem I’m now encountering is that my lips feel so tired that I’m struggling to reach even the top of the staff (E/F) and my endurance has totally gone out of the window. I’ve backed off practicing for a couple of days to give my lips a chance to recover, but having re-started today things seem no better. I’ve also noticed that since my gigs my throat now has more of a tendency to close up. It’s really frustrating because the whole process of playing seems a lot harder and more effort than normal. Any suggestions/comments would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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      Hi gary

      My recommendation is restart with nonote to low note.
      Rediscover the sensation of passiv playing until you start practicing higher notes

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      Thanks Hajo, I had a feeling you might say that. Makes perfect sense. I always find it a bit of a conflict going back to basics as you suggest to resolve issues, whilst continuing to practice and play current pieces which results in me blowing and forcing’ instead of just releasing!

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